Medical Education
Biological Illustration
Surgical Planning
Patient Education
Molecular Visualization


Reback Biomedical Media provides medical and biological science visuals targeted to medical professionals, students, research scientists, and the general public. We specialize in beautifully designed stories presented in a dynamically rendered style that will educate, inform, and inspire your intended audience.

Illustration Specialties


Visually communicate
what you have worked
so hard to discover.

Medical & Scientific

Teach everyone from
patients to medical students
to surgical specialists.

Marketing &

Create awareness of your
innovative new medical
device or therapy.


Thought provoking
narratives on contemporary
topics in science
and medicine.

Scientific Specialties

In depth knowledge in a variety of scientific subjects

Human Anatomy | Human Physiology | Molecular Cell Biology | Immunology | Surgery
Pathology | Developmental Biology | Natural History | General Biology | General Chemistry