Lymphatic Anatomy
and Pathology


Sigvaris Group


Adults with impairment of lower extremity lymphatics


The lymphatic system consists of vessels and nodes. The vessels drain excess fluid (lymph) from the interstitial spaces of our body’s tissues then return it to the blood stream. While en route, the lymph passes through nodes where it comes into contact with immune cells (lymphocytes). The lymphocytes work to clear pathogens and other unwanted substances from the lymph.

The purpose of this project is to 1) educate patients on basic lymphatic system anatomy, 2) clarify staging of lymphedema and lipidema, and 3) demonstrate a diagnostic test for lower extremity lymphedema (Stemmer’s sign).


Timeline: 6 weeks
Style: full color
Quantity: 1 anatomical and 3 dermatological
Scientific complexity: medium

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