JAMA Patient Information pages are a free source of one page easy-to-understand articles on prevention and management of illness or other conditions. Each article is authored by a clinician working in their specialty with whom a JAMA medical illustrator works to develop an accompanying illustration that helps explain the topic to a non-medical audience.

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1. Patellofemoral pain
01.23.18 – JAMA

3. Vasectomy
06.19.18 – JAMA

4. Gallbladder cancer
09.25.18 – JAMA

6. Focal radiation therapy for cancer
01.10.19 – JAMA Oncology

8. Sigmoid volvulus
06.25.19 – JAMA

11. What is Mohs surgery?
05.06.20 – JAMA Dermatology

13. What are ear tubes?
10.15.20 – JAMA Otolaryngology

14. Bladder cancer
11.17.20 – JAMA

15. Urinary diversion


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